How Can Therapy Help?

Acknowledging you need support doesn’t make you weak. Indeed its an act of starting to take control. Infact considering the demanding world we live in you could argue therapy is a necessity!

Therapy offers you the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings in a safe, confidential environment. This might involve reflecting on your life experiences and your responses to new ones. I will help you to identify what changes in life style could reduce any distress you feel, and to support you as you consider how to do this. I will work with you to explore how you can progress towards living in a way that is more satisfactory and resourceful for you.

More and more people are becoming interested in what happens for them on the inside, what goes on within themselves. Psychotherapy with me can help you discover this.

Ignoring emotional problems doesn’t make them go away. In many cases it can make them worse and can lead to physical health problems like headaches, pains in the body, stomach problems. It can also lead to developing unhelpful ways of coping like using drugs or alcohol, controlling food. It can affect the way we relate to others, we can find we enter into destructive relationships or become dependent on others.

Therapy can help you to accept yourself as you are and also to make the changes that you want to make to lead the life you want for yourself.