Drug Use

As drug use continues to grow in our society, so does the number of people affected by it.

People may become physically and/ or psychologically dependent on drugs. Some people can feel like they can’t survive without taking a drug or that life isn’t as much fun without drugs. Some users experience pain or other physical symptoms when the drug is withdrawn Some people used drugs to help ‘forget’ about problems.

People can take drugs for a variety of reasons:

•      To escape

•      The belief that drugs can solve problems

•      Peer pressure

•      Need to experiment

•      Fun/Enjoyment of the effects

It’s true some people can have a lot of fun with drugs and have no problems  at all, and its also true some drugs can help people forget. Some people, however, can end up with real physical and mental health problems along with significant social problems related to drugs.

People can have problems when their recreational use of drugs gets out of control or indeed the only way they can relax/ have fun is through use of drugs, others can get addicted to over the counter medications or can become addicted to prescriptions drugs.