Client feedback

“As a client, I was able to address my deepest issues in a safe, non-judgemental manner. I was able to do this because Danny is a skilled therapist and used different models of psychotherapy with me. He is very open and honest, which led me to finding myself, I came through the sessions feeling alive and re-evaluated my life, which I have pleasure in saying ‘I love my life’. I would have no hesitation in accessing therapy with Danny, if and when I ever felt the need again. I would highly recommend his expert service”.

The therapy I have received has been varied in approach and very educational, as a student counsellor this aspect of this has been of particular interest to me.  The sessions have always been reliable and if they have needed to be changed or adjusted my needs were met with the upmost care and attention.  Danny has vast experience and this was apparent within the sessions and has enabled me to be able to cope with new situations that arise within my own life and my placement.  I would thoroughly recommend this service for anybody seeking therapy and found this opinion was shared with those individuals that I have recommended the service to.

A truly great experience of therapy when other things in life don’t seem to be so reliable, thanks to everyone.  I found Danny extremely easy to work with and that he adjusted to meet the needs of whatever I needed within that session.

An absolute haven at the lowest point of my life. Together we worked on putting my problems into perspective and made life worth living again.”

Danny turned my life around – A big but true statement. Danny’s patience and expertise has taught me how to be ‘me’ again. He has helped me see that down days don’t have to be bad days, that my feelings and opinions are important, that its ok to be on my own and much much more. Danny gave me the strength to climb from the floor of a dark, dank, dreary pit to the top of a sunny mountain. I will always be grateful to him. Thank you!

The sessions with Danny  were so helpful to me to be able to offload my thoughts and feelings in a safe and open environment without judgement, which left me feeling like i knew i could really say how i felt about things without repercussion.

The sessions helped me gain new perspective on my problems and gain a new understanding of them which helped me deal with them better.

The sessions have impacted me as a person in how i approach certain aspects of my life now which i didn’t know how to do before as i didn’t have the ability or tools to look at things from a different perspective.

Danny is a wonderful talented therapist and i always knew and felt like i was in safe hands with him. He had a natural ability of making me feel at ease and comfortable in the sessions while also being able to challenge me at the same time without me even realising.